Doggy Daycare Peterborough

Doggy Daycare Peterborough

Doggy Day-care Peterborough

We offer a – Doggy Day-care in Peterborough, as we are aware that it is difficult leaving your dog home alone all day, especially when your dog is extremely active. Dog with boredom will lead to destructive behaviour such as chewing parts of the room, digging, licking or even barking. Dog anxiety can also not be left alone as this can cause extreme behaviour issues.
This is why our doggy day-care offer the best solution to these issues. Each day is full with fun, friendly, action packed days which are far better than lonely days stuck home alone.
The doggy day-care is full of fun, with exercise and companionship, whilst you’re at work all day. Your dog will be safe and cared for, we provide love and attention, every day in our doggy day-care services in Peterborough.
We are NOT a Doggy Day-care centre, we pick the dogs up in our created vehicles, then provide various group walks in the countryside.
Boredom leads to destructive behaviour and can lead to anxiety issues. If you notice your dog digging, licking, or even continuous barking, then you should consider our Doggy Daycare Services in Peterborough.
Your dog will become a healthier, happier, better-behaved pet.

Complete Doggy Day-Care Services Peterborough

Our Doggy Daycare is ideal for all types of dogs espcially those dogs which are left home alone all day.

COLLECTION. 08:30hrs – 09:30hrs

The dogs are collected in our comfortable created van, all dog creates are secure and spacious.


Each dog will enjoy their group walk with the rest of the pack of dogs, playing in the countryside.

HOME TIME 15:00hrs – 16:00hrs

Your dog will return home, we will wipe down your dog to prevent muddy paw marks in your home.


Nap time for the dogs!

Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of veterinary care and affection.

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