Dog Walking Services Peterborough

Dog Walkers in Peterborough

Dog Walkers Peterborough

Doggy Paws offers a solution to your dog walking needs. Our dog walking service in Peterborough provide both mental and physical stimulation, which helps to correct behaviour problems in relation to behaviour problems.

Complete Dog Walking Services

Doggy Paws offers single dog walks, group dog walks, puppy visits and puppy walks.

Group Dog Walks Peterborough

Group Dog Walks Peterborough

Dogs love to socialise with other dogs. We offer a fun-filled group dog walking service throughout Peterborough, which allows full stimulation for your dog, not only does he/she exercise, but your dog will also socialise with his new friends.
If your dog is in good health and can socialise with other dogs, then we recommend group dog walks Peterborough

1 to 1 Dog Walks Peterborough

Single Dog Walks Peterborough

Not all dogs get on with other dogs. This is why we offer a private 1-1 dog walking service in Peterborough. This individual dog walking services is ideal for dogs which cannot be socialised with other dogs. We are more than happy to follow any additional instructions that are required for your dog’s needs.

Puppy Visits Peterborough



When you get a new puppy this can be a fantastic experience. We also understand that it will take several weeks to get your puppy toilet trained. We can assist you and your pup with toilet training by popping into your home to let your pup out to the toilet. We are extremely flexible with our timings and with cater our visits around your needs. We also clean up the mess, feed your puppy, while spending time playing with your dog. Doggy Paws puppy visits Peterborough have helped many families through the puppy toilet phase.

Puppy Walks Peterborough



If you require a Puppy Walking Service in Peterborough then can help.

Then once your puppy is old enough to go outside (after 12 weeks jabs), you can then arrange with our puppy walks. We offer short walks for young pups (normally up to 4-5 months old), then your pup will be ready to join our group dog walks. These walks aim to assist in socialisation, also physical and mental stimulation.

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Professional Dog Walking Services in Peterborough

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of Pet Sitting Service.

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