Professional Cat Sitters Peterborough

Cat Sitters Peterborough

Cat Sitting Services Peterborough

During your absence, Doggy Paws – Peterborough will provide a professional pet-sitter who will always have your cat’s best interest in mind. Animal psychologists state that if you ever go away on holiday the best choice is to have a cat sitter.

Doggy Paws Cat Sitting Peterborough we’re very aware that being away from home can be a very frightening experience for your cats. That is why we believe your cats should stay in the comfort & safety of their own home. While you are away will provide a pleasant and much less-stressful experience for both you and you cat.
While you are away, we bring our wealth of experience to them along with plenty of Love and Affection for you cats and this is just part of our service.

You cat will be treat as if it was our own, providing superior care, safety and personalized attention.

Complete Cat Sitting Services

Cat Sitters Peterborough

We offer a complete cat sitting services, ideal for those going away for short breaks or holidays. Why updet your cat by using a cattery, when you can leave them home in their family souroundings.

Cat Sitters Peterborough

Cat Sitting Services Peterborough includes:
• Feeding your cat and providing fresh water for your cats, including special diets
• Scooping cat litter-box and keeping litter area clean
• Giving your kitties lots of tender loving care, attention
• Bringing in mail, packages & newspapers
• Alternating lights and blinds to give your home a lived-in look
• Looking after any other small pets in the house, such as mice, fish or guinea pigs
Charges: £8 per visit

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Professional Pet Care

Cat Sitting Peterborough

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of Pet Sitting Service.

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